Decolonize Groningen is an independent collective of Dutch and international individuals residing in Groningen, the Netherlands, representing a diversity of origins (currently from the Netherlands, Latin America and the Arab region).

We encompass academic backgrounds in a range of fields, including history, journalism, medicine, psychology and educational theater; have dedicated ourselves to support for marginalized and oppressed communities in various parts of the world; and have been involved in activism on an array of issues pertaining to freedom, social justice and equality, among them anti-war, anti-racism, climate justice and the rights of oppressed/colonized peoples, with a particular focus on Indigenous, refugee/immigrant and gender rights.

In addition to raising awareness about the negative implications of, and necessity to end, coloniality worldwide, Decolonize Groningen presently focuses on the following specific campaigns:

>>> Colonial history of Groningen/the Netherlands

Approaching the history of Groningen/the Netherlands from a decolonial perspective; investigating the role of Groningen in Dutch colonial history and history of slave trade; support for/cooperation with initiatives working towards the structural visibility and recognition of the Groningen/Dutch colonial past and present

>>> Decolonize the RUG (University of Groningen)

Investigating / identifying dimensions of the university’s colonial past and present; scrutiny of the coloniality of knowledge and eurocentrism entrenched in the curricula of relevant faculties

Anti-racist struggle against the racialized black servant of Santa Claus known as ‘Black Pete’ in the Dutch Santa Claus tradition, and in extension, the struggle against individual and institutionalized racism prevalent throughout society; Decolonize Groningen stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and its goals

>>> Palestinian rights; particularly the BDS-Campaign

Global Palestinian-led movement calling for boycotts, divestment & sanctions (BDS) against the settler-colonial, Apartheid state of Israel, aimed to end the injustices, disenfranchisement and ethnic cleansing suffered by the Palestinian people since 1948, and the restoration of their rights

>>> Shell Must Fall

Campaign for climate justice, seeking the dismantling of Shell and the broader fossil fuel industry, reparations to impacted ecosystems and communities, and a fair transition for employees towards work in the green sector